Texas community holds vigil for church shooting victims

Texas community holds vigil for church shooting victims

At least 26 people were gunned down at the First Baptist church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. A group of mourners gathered to remember the lives lost.


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  1. Akenou

    Another day in America another mass shooting, "thoughts and prayers" go out to everyone, thoughts and prayers everyone, cause apparently praying fuckin helps right?? LOOOOL. This is fuckin embarrassing, you'd think that citizens of this country would be tired of watching this happen on a weekly basis, but republicans have their head so far up their own asses and their hands full with blood money from the NRA and other private gun companies, they're too fuckin uneducated and retarded to realize what's going on. I for one, don't regret these shootings happening, because you all deserve it, maybe when it's your relatives and friends that gets caught in the cross-hairs then you'd finally have the balls to take ur fuckin head from up ur asses. Until then, keep "praying". lol

  2. Phill Manglos

    The rage I felt towards the shooter today and sadness I feel for the innocent victims and their families is now almost matched by the rage I’m now feeling towards a great number of you disgraceful individuals who comment on these videos. Are we so depraved as a civilization now that we’d rather sow further hate, distrust, and deceit amongst ourselves rather than compassion and understanding during such an incredible tragedy? Are we so conceited now and self-righteously indignant that our first response to a slaughter of fellow innocent human beings is to oppress onto each other our 1-sided politics, bullshit biases, and hateful prejudices so obsessively it almost completely drowns out the sorrow for the suffering? I feel incredibly sad for the families of these victims but equally sad for us as a people. We are headed fast and furiously towards our own self destruction at this rate…

  3. Matthew Brunette

    I'm just going to put my two cents in and most of you will disagree with me, criticize me, etc, but in a way this is a blessing. It is tragedy that 26 people were killed yes, but maybe, just maybe, some good will come from this. Maybe someone from the church or town in general will become a police officer and later save a life. Maybe someone was heading on a toxic path, but now wants to turn their life around after hearing about and seeing this. I don't know. What I do know is God is going to use this tragedy (like how He uses others) to advance His glory on this Earth.

  4. LAURA E.

    Esta noche no puedo dormir pensando solo en el dolor y lo horrible que siento al saber que puedo ser yo o alguien de mi familia mis hijos mi esposo!
    Dios porfavor ten piedad de la humanidad ayuda a esas almas a llegar al cielo pero sobre todo ayuda a los que te necesitan aquí en la tierra y tienen la necesidad de atención para que esto ya no pase mas.
    Le pido a dios por todas estas personas esta noche estan en mis oraciones 👆🏽😢😢🙌🏽🙌🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  5. Jason K

    Your “god” can’t save you and I truly hope that EVERY single person reading this that believe in that fake shit wakes up and realizes that the world we fuckin live in isn’t the same as when all these lies about “god” started. There is always going to be violence and death and believing won’t save you🤙🏽

  6. Cesilio Lopez

    el culpable es su precidente ya que a permitido la maldad. y la ley que e propuesto es diferente a esto a un lo traigo tambien pero an sido criticadas iglecias donde no an sabido llebar la la palabra correcta del senior mas no aquellas que asen lo correcto ademas el senior no viene castigando o buscando culpables mas solo busca la paz y una nueva ley para la tierra por lo tanto sus precidentes lo a estado ignorando y sus medios

  7. Wandering Loner

    Look through the comment section and ask yourself who has really fallen so low. The Christians who are doing their best to stand firm in this nastier and nastier world, or the edgy Atheists who have nothing better to do than joke about the tragedies. Atheists say their virtues are not from the 10 Commandments and that they can be just as good and righteous. Well clearly they didn't adopt the 10 Commandments. But clearer still is how wrong they are on that second bit.

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