Colorado Walmart shooting suspect considered armed and dangerous

Colorado Walmart shooting suspect considered armed and dangerous

Police say the wanted suspect killed two men and a woman when he opened fire inside a Walmart in Thornton, outside Denver.


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    I usually disparage all the "false flag" accusers when something like this happens. While I'm not going to make that claim, I am not going to disparage those that make such comments after this incident comes at such a convenient time as it relates to the muslim immigrant that killed 8 Americans with a vehicle.

  2. G-Dub 85

    I'm sure if the cashiers had guns this would've been prevented right???? 😒 Shit while you at it I believe give the deli employees as well or the receptionists at the pharmacy. America and their guns 😒 Smh

  3. Maalik Islam

    No mention of terrorism when the criminal is a redneck hillbilly polytheist crossworshipper. Hope he killed those crossworshippers at least, as they deserve to be enslaved and crucified. You will be allowed to lynch them when we capture them for you.

  4. joan baczek

    sad you go to work to be underpaid and end up dead, its not safe to do anything these days. and the 3000 every walmart gets when an employee dies should be given to the families for funeral cost since they died violently on company time.

  5. trouble follows

    Were all the victims Latino? …….and the Terri.. um gunman was white so, the handbook say " let's pray for victims and unity. Not the time for politics, yada,yada" then follow up with labeling the "act" NOT the Terri…… Mmm gunman. Save your angry for the next non white killings.

  6. Crazed YT

    I live across the street from Walmart I was there in Walmart to by my self because I went to go and buy some chips so I can bring to school and I hard gunshots and I had to hide and then I escaped and ran home

  7. JackPlay176 SUB

    Im very ungrateful about in the world I live… I live near thorton and I always go to that walmart, im 12 years old and its sad to know in the world I live all I can say is that im very grateful that none of those 3 people were someone from my family…

  8. gary cole

    Again, it appears the media is very hesitant to call this what it is: Domestic terrorism! Here we have another “ angry “ middle aged white male targeting minorities. Do we really need to dig deep to rationalize a motive? You can feel the anger and hate in the “ air “. This was brewing for decades and with the resentment over Obama and the election of Trump; this is to be expected.

  9. Commn Sense

    If you're walking down the street and get killed by a drive-by , a black guy killed you, if you're in a video about to get your head cut off, a muslim guy killed you, if you're in a theater /school/mall and get shot up, a white guy killed you.

  10. Cory90

    So many butthurt libs in the comments. If labeling this guy a terrorist changes the situation please enlighten me. If its just about you going off of emotion then that seems to make more sense.

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